Glass is a very versatile material and can be used in a wide variety of applications. It doesn't matter what kind of glass you're looking for, whether tinted, decorative or insulated, we're sure to have the glass that fits your needs.

DOUBLE GLAZED UNITS   We manufacture hemetically sealed units for both domestic & commercial applications, using a range of different glass, most of which is held in stock.


Our units are manufactured in accordance with the latest British Standards and we are accredited to BS EN1279 Parts 2,3 & 6


Heat will migrate from a warmer surface to a cooler surface when there is a difference in temperature between two surfaces.

A transparent glazed surface is subject to solar radiation, G Factor, resulting in heat gain.

Double or triple glazing will give better thermal insulation than single glazing.  The dry, still air between the two sheets of glass improves the thermal insulation.  Heat exchange by convection is reduced and the low thermal conductivity of the still air limits heat loss by conduction.

The U-value of an insulating glass unit can be improved by reducing the heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation.  This is achieved by reducing the heat exchange between the glasses incorporated in the insulating glass unit.

A low-emissivity (low-e) coating will reduce the radiated heat transfer.

Argon gas filling of the cavity will reduce heat loss by conduction.


ENERGY EFFICIENT GLAZING  can be made using various combinations of Softcoat Low E Glass technologies/Clear Glass/Low Iron Glass/Warm Edge Spacer and Gas Filling to give you  A,B or C ratings, when combined with the correct frames


SAFETY GLASS  can be supplied in both Toughened and Laminated Glass for your safety or security needs.  Specialist Solar Control or Self Cleaning Toughened Glass can also be supplied.


DECORATIVE GLASS  we can offer a large range of bespoke decorative units, including leads,bevell designs, coloured film designs and georgain effects   Please use the link below to view various options


DECORATIVE TEXTURED GLASS  please use the link below to view patterned glass we use


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